At Direct sarms we have a selection of peptides, which are pre mixed and ready to use straight away! Do you find mixing peptides hard or confusing? We have the perfect solution with our pre mixed peptide ready-made pens!

Pre Mixed Ready Made Peptide Pen Range -

We have created our range of peptide ready mixed pens. These are recommended for people who are new to peptides and are not sure or confident with how to mix them. Our pens come in our full range of peptides on Direct Peptides.
Our pen packages can be bought as a pen packaged which comes with, the peptide of your choice, Bacteriostatic Water, mixed by us into a cartridge. You also get a pen case and pen needle tips.
We also sell our pre-mixed cartridges if you already own a pen and just need to buy the pre-filled cartridges.
If you order just pen cartridges, you will receive the peptide of your choice, Bacteriostatic Water, mixed together by us into a cartridge and pen needle tips.
Every listing would say how long each cartridge will last and how many you will need to complete the course for that peptide to achieve the best results and benefits.